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To provide an enjoyable and safe experience for all patrons, the following Rules of the Horror House are in effect and apply to all customers (without exception).

MEDICAL WARNING: People with health issues be warned…. individuals with light and sound sensitivity, pregnant women, people with heart conditions, seizures, asthma, etc…. Fog machines, strobe lights, scary monsters/ghosts, specialty lights, effects and high startles/scares inside.

1. Do not touch or move anything, including props and or actors. The Horror House has a Strict No Touch Policy for both the Actors and the Customers. The Actors will not touch you. Anyone caught touching props or the actors will risk denied entry or pre-mature removal from the attraction.

2. Employees will not be held liable for any injuries sustained during the Horror House activity.

3. DO NOT force open locked doors.

4. The following are strictly NOT ALLOWED inside:

  • Profanity and obscene gestures.

  • Running, fighting or pushing.

  • Smoking or open flames of any kind.

  • Food and/or beverage.

  • Sharp and pointed objects (knife, pen, small pins, etc.)

  • Flashlights or other sources of light (mobile phones, smartwatches, etc.)

5. Before entering the Horror House, the Customers MUST deposit any type of video or photo devices in the locker on the lobby.

6. Deposit any valuable items in the locker at the lobby, such as: jewelries, car keys, watches, etc. Management is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items inside.


7. All customers of Horror House participate in the Horror House activity at their own risk. Adequate insurance is the participant’s responsibility. In case of damage, the participants answer for the costs.


8. All guests are subject to security screening.


9. We reserve the right to stop the tour at any time.

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