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WHAT ARE THE ESCAPE ROOMS? Playing an escape room can be a part of a birthday party. Companies can conduct their team building outing, teachers can reserve the games for their students, families and groups of friends can share an exciting adventure and have a lot of fun together. We‘ll gladly offer an unforgettable experience to visitors to the city of Doha as well.

HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN PARTICIPATE? A standard game caps the maximum number of persons at 6. You‘ll be able to play the duel mode from seven persons and more. In this version, the maximum number of persons per game lies at 12. The ideal group size lies at 3-5 persons or 8-10 persons respectively.

CAN I DROP BY SPONTANEOUSLY? Unfortunately, that‘s not possible. It is imperative, that you book a date in advance so that we can reserve and prepare the game for you.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO CANCEL A BOOKING? A cancellation of a booking is acceptable, however it would be appreciared if you cancel or reschedule 24 hours prior to the your booking date.

ARE THE ADVENTUREROOMS DANGEROUS OR PHYSICALLY DEMANDING? We would like to abduct you to another world with our escape rooms. The game rooms is by no means dangerous and does not expose you to physical strain (running, climbing, …). Only your mind should be fully charged and ready to go.

I HAVE NOT FOUND AN ANSWER TO MY QUESTION? We would like to hear from you in case you have any open questions. Please contact us at 70500139 or send us an email at:

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The price is always noted per booking. One booking cost QAR 600 for 2-6 players. The payment can be paid by credit card or in cash.

WHAT IS THE DUEL MODE? Two teams, each of 2-6 players, will compete against each other in duel mode. Team A starts in the second stage of the game and tries to escape before Team B proceeds to the second stage. The roles will be reversed after a half-time break. The duel mode can be played in all of our rooms. For everyone seeking an extra dose of thrill.

HOW MUCH TIMES DOES IT TAKE? The standard version lasts at the most 60 minutes with an incremental 15 minutes of an introduction before and a review after the game.

IS CAR PARKING AVAILABLE? There are cost-free parking areas close to our location. You do however need to let us know so that our team can secure your parking spot for you.

WHICH TIME-SLOTS ARE AVAILABLE? Please refer to our booking page to find available dates. If you are planning a company event or a bigger private party, for which you would like to book several rooms at once, you can either use our booking system or contact us at 70500139.

WHAT IS THE MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT TO BOOK AND PLAY? You‘ll have to be at least 16 years old to make a booking. Adolescents and children below the age of 16 will have to be accompanied by an adult in order to play. The adult is not necessarily required to participate in the game however. The recommended playing age lies between 7and 99 years.

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